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Why My Adult Star is the Best

All Real Live Webcams!

First and foremost, all streams on our sites are live streams of real users. There's no fake streams or recorded video pretending to be a live cam here.

So Many Cams!

We have tens of thousands of the sexiest live webcams. There's always hundreds of users streaming at any one time, so you'll always be able to find the perfect cam to get off to. You can see a selection of them below or check out these pages to get you started: Female Cams, Male Cams, Couple Cams or Trans Cams

We Have Videos and Pictures Too!

If your favorite cam star is offline, don't worry, you can still watch videos of their previous cam shows and browse thousands of naughty pictures, again all for free. However, you do need to sign-up for free to watch the videos in full.

It's Completely Free!

It really is completely free to browse our site and watch the hottest live webcams.

No Credit Card Required to Signup!

As above, it's all free so why would we ask for any credit card or payment details.

It's Secure!

We use HTTPS, which is basically a secure way to transfer encrypted data. It's been around for a while and is now the recommended protocol for all sites to use, but some still don't. See that little padlock icon in your address bar, next to the URL, that tells you the site is secure.

No Annoying Popups!

We hate those annoying popups just as much as you. That's why we've chosen never to use them on our site.

We Don't Track Other Sites You Visit!

We're just trying to serve the best live webcams. We have no interest in what else you do online or the other websites you visit. We believe your online activities should remain private. As such, we will never check for or install tracking cookies or similar.

No Adverts!

Right now we have no adverts. That's right 0 ads. In the future we may have to add some ads as a way to cover our costs, but this will only be if it's absolutely necessary and done in a carefully considered and unobtrusive way. We will also never serve personalised ads because these rely on tracking data.

We Don't Sell Your Data!

Some sites will sell on the data of their users to marketing companies. This is perfectly legal in many places, but don't worry, we won't sell any of your data. It's your data, not ours to sell. In case we've not made it clear, we respect our users right to privacy.

Only Important Emails!

Unlike many other sites that will spam you with daily or even hourly emails once they have your email address, we promise to only use it to send you important messages, such as for resetting your password.

We Keep Getting Better!

Every week we are continuing to improve MyAdultStar.com and add new features.

All Feedback is Welcome!

We listen to you and take our users opinion very seriously. Please provide any feedback you may have, whether it's a request for a new feature, a bug you've encountered, a question you'd like answered, or just to say 'Hi'. You can do so via our short Survey Monkey feedback form, tweet us on Twitter (@myadultstar1) or drop us an email using our contact us page